Mission & Vision

Our Mission, Values, Vision and Brand

A lifetime of excellent care provided by your community health care team. 


People First. Community Focused. Excellence Every Time.

Core Values

We work as a team to bring experience, advanced technology and best practices to our community in order to provide the highest quality care for our patients. 

Our actions are honorable, transparent and conducted in the best interests of our patients, their families, our employees, our community and our facilities.

With understanding and empathy, our team anticipates the needs of others and acts to meet those needs appropriately, meaningfully and with kindness. We genuinely care about and feel a responsibility for the well-being of others.

Our team meets the diverse healthcare needs of our community by wisely managing our human, physical and financial resources.

Our location on the edge of the Arctic inspires practical determination, strategic collaboration and a sense of independence that keeps us responsive to the people of Interior Alaska.

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