Bill Pay

Tanana Valley Clinic (TVC), Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH), and Denali Center (DC) are continuing our ongoing commitment to providing the best, most cost efficient care to the residents of our community.

About FMH Billing

Throughout the billing process, you will receive statements regarding any balances on your account. If you have insurance coverage, you will receive a statement regarding any balance after your insurance claim has been processed. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the FMH Business Office at (907) 458-5510.

When you see a physician or other healthcare professional at FMH, you may receive a separate billing statement for their services. If you have any questions regarding billing statements from any of these providers, please contact the appropriate billing department.

Billing for Emergency Doctors:
Golden Heart Emergency Physicians
1- 877-346-2455

Billing for Hospitalists: 
Northern Hospital Associates
ABA Co. Healthcare
(866) 952-2255

 Billing for Radiologists:

Radiology Consultants
1-800-318-5578 (Toll Free)

Billing for Anesthesiologists:
Anesthesia Billing
(907) 451-8761

Billing for Pathologists: 
Fairbanks Billing Service
Pathology Consultants
(907) 456-7767

We understand that billing and payment options can be confusing, and we want to help you find the best way to pay for your services. If you have any questions, feel that you have extenuating circumstances and would like to know more about payment options, please make an appointment with a FMH financial counselor by calling (907) 458-5510.

About TVC Billing

The Lab and Radiology Services located at TVC are owned and operated by FMH. For your convenience, Lab and Radiology Services will remain physically located within TVC and our 1st Care buildings. Depending on the services you require as part of your health care you may receive bills from multiple facilities. Below is a list of facilities that may be involved in your health care at Tanana Valley Clinic, which you may receive a billing statement from:

  • Tanana Valley Clinic (907) 459-3500
    • You will receive a bill from you TVC provider whether services are performed at TVC or FMH.
  • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (907) 458-5510 / (800)347-5510
    • Your provider may order procedures or outpatient testing that were performed at TVC which are provided by FMH.
  • Radiology Consultants, Inc. (907) 563-3679 / (888) 707-2463
    • You will receive a bill from a Radiologist for interpreting any X-Ray ordered. Billing services name is PC Inc.
  • Pathology Consultants, Inc. (907) 456-7767
    • Tissue samples taken during a procedure and/or at the request of your provider will be examined by a Pathologist and you will receive a bill from Global Billing Solutions.
  • CTA Lab Curtis Thompson MD and Associates (503) 906-7300
    • TVC Dermatology Department (tissue samples) Dr. Nicole Soto & Dr. Brook Walls.
Our goal at Tanana Valley Clinic is to provide you, our valued patient, with information that will help you have a positive patient experience. As part of your experience we want you to understand the costs associated with your health care needs. We realize this can be confusing and want to assist you with understanding these changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Tanana Valley Clinic Business Office at (908) 459-3580.

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