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Vascular Care

About Vascular Care

FMH%20Vasc.pngThe Porter Heart and Vascular Center at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital has a full-time vascular surgery program to treat and manage patients with a wide variety of blood vessel-related diseases.

Vascular diseases and conditions treated at Porter Heart and Vascular Center include: 
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysms and other aneurysmal diseases
  • Strokes or mini strokes (TIAs) caused by carotid artery disease
  • Varicose veins, venous blood clots and leg swelling caused by venous insufficiency
  • Pain in buttocks, thighs or calves with walking, at rest, or ulcerations of feet, all caused by peripheral arteries disease
  • Abdominal pain after eating caused by mesenteric artery disease
  • Deteriorating kidney function or poorly controlled blood pressure even with multiple blood pressure medications due to renal artery disease
  • Dialysis access creation and management
  • Diabetic foot ulceration management
  • Vascular trauma and other arteries or veins related issues 

FMH%20Cath%20Lab-dr-B-edited.pngThe vascular team is led by Dr. Milan Bajmoczi, who received his medical training at Harvard Medical School and his vascular surgery training at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Bajmoczi and his team view treatments of patients as a collaborative effort of several specialist groups, such as cardiology, internal medicine, plastic surgery and podiatry. The goal is to provide the best care currently available in the Unites States. Treatment plans include diagnostic studies, lifestyle changes, medications, and surgical interventions that include both the conventional open surgeries and the minimally invasive methods. 

Best part, the entire process is done here, in Fairbanks.

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