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Maternity & Birthing Services


Baby foot MP900431278.JPGHaving a baby is an exciting time in a woman's life. The physicians and staff at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital work together to meet the needs of mothers-to-be and their babies throughout the pregnancy, labor, delivery and recovery experience.

Our staff provides personalized care using the latest technology in a family-centered environment. Following a couplet-care model, mothers and their newborn babies are cared for together whenever possible, with family and friends involved as the patient desires.
To further prepare for the birthing experience and visit the place where your baby will be born, we offer a monthly tour.  

Birthing Services
Our physicians, nurses and on-staff certified nurse midwife have the knowledge and skill set to expertly care for even the most complex pregnancies and deliveries. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital also uses an Intelligent OB program, known as PowerChart Maternity, which uses electronic medical records to provide improved monitoring and care documentation, as well as customized care guidelines.

Labor & Delivery
Women in labor are checked-in to the hospital through the Emergency department, regardless of day or time.  Patients are then taken to Women Infant Services to be assessed in the newly renovated triage.  Once admitted the woman is moved to a private, family-centered care suite where they remain throughout the labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum process.   

Women Infant Services also includes an operating suite for Cesarean (C-section) deliveries or when surgical intervention is otherwise necessary. Women Infant Services offers hydrotherapy for laboring moms, as a pain management tool. To ensure the safety of each baby, tamper-proof security bands are placed on each child at birth and are not removed until discharge.

After Delivery
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital follows a couplet care model for mothers and well babies. For their comfort and to promote bonding between parents and their newborns, all rooms in Women Infant Services are private.


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