Specialty Visiting Clinics

Specialty Visiting Clinics

Tanana Valley Clinic is proud to offer Specialty Visiting Clinics from Anchorage and Seattle, easing the burden of travel time and expense to our interior community. With Specialty Visiting Clinics, we are able to bring in these outside specialists, not readily accessible in the Interior, directly to our patients.

Pediatric Visiting Clinics

Please contact our Pediatrics Department for the current & upcoming  Visiting Clinic schedule, or with any questions. 907-459-3520.

Anchorage Bariatrics

TVC has partnered with Dr. Clark of Anchorage Bariatrics. Dr. Clark will be coming up to Fairbanks once a month to see his local patients for consults and follow up visits. All appointments are scheduled through Dr. Clark's office, (907) 644-8446.
Anchorage Bariatrics Schedule (subject to change):
May8, 2017
June30, 2017
July21, 2017
August11, 2017
September20, 2017

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