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Foundation Health Partners is continuing our ongoing commitment to providing the best, most cost efficient care to the residents of our community. Our goal is to provide you, our valued patient, with information that will help you have a positive patient experience. As part of your experience we want you to understand the costs associated with your health care needs. We realize this can be confusing and want to assist you with understanding these complexities. 

Throughout the billing process, you will receive statements regarding any balances on your account(s) at Tanana Valley Clinic (TVC), Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH), Porter Heart & Vascular Center (PHVC or Heart Center) or Denali Center (DC). If you have insurance coverage, you will receive a statement regarding any balance after your insurance claim has been processed. 

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About FHP Billing

Each time you receive care at a Foundation Health Partners facility, a new account will be opened for you. Each account generally ties to a specific date of service.

In most cases, your first bill should arrive about ten days after initial care. It will include a detailed description of the services provided for that account.

The statement identifies the amount due from your insurance company, and the amount due from you for each account. The statement also will include payments or new charges that occurred during the month.

Foundation Health Partners will submit bills to your insurance company when complete information is supplied. Please remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, and you have the final responsibility for payment of your medical bill. If your insurance company does not pay within forty-five days of billing, please contact them to resolve the delay. Secondary insurance is billed after the primary (or first) insurance pays.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
If you would like to pay your bill over the phone, or would like to speak to one of our Financial Counselors, please call (907) 458-5510.

Payment Address:
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
PO Box 60048
Fairbanks, AK 99706

For other payment arrangements, please contact our office directly.

Tanana Valley Clinic
You will receive a bill from your TVC provider whether services are performed at TVC or FMH. The statement will come from Tanana Valley Clinic.

Your provider may order procedures or outpatient testing that were performed at TVC which are provided by FMH. The statement will come from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

The Lab and Radiology Services located at TVC are owned and operated by FMH. For your convenience, Lab and Radiology Services will remain physically located within TVC and our 1st Care buildings. Depending on the services you require as part of your health care you may receive bills from multiple facilities (see Other Services).

Patients With Insurance Coverage:
You will receive a statement regarding any balance after your insurance has processed your claim. The balance is due within 60 days. Throughout the billing process, you will receive statements on the status of your account.
If you have medical coverage through private insurance, your employer, or government agency, please contact the Patient Financial Services Business Office at (907) 458-5510

Patients Without Insurance Coverage:
If you do not have insurance, your account is due to be paid in full within 90 days after you receive your first statement.

All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

Financial Services

As a nonprofit, community-owned hospital, we believe it is our responsibility to make our community healthier, regardless of a patient's financial situation. That is why we always provide the appropriate care first, and then assist with any financial challenges that may arise.

When people come to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for emergency and/or medically necessary services, we provide these services regardless of the patient's ability to pay.

We understand that billing and payment options can be confusing, and we want to help you find the best way to pay for your services. 

If you have any questions, feel that you have extenuating circumstances and would like to know more about payment options, please make an appointment with a FMH financial counselor by calling (907) 458-5510.

Financial Assistance Program:

We offer an in-house Financial Assistance Program (FAP) for patients who qualify. Program eligibility is largely based on verified household income and family size. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital fairly and consistently applies its FAP to every eligible patient.

Applications for financial assistance are available at the time of service and throughout the active billing cycle in the Admissions or Patient Financial Services/Business Office, or you may contact your financial counselor to have an application mailed to your home.

Monitoring Program:

We also offer an interest-free internal monthly payment plan. For further information regarding the Monitoring Program, contact the Patient Financial Services/Business Office according to the patient’s last name:

  • A through K: (907) 458-5534
    L through Z: (907) 458-5539

When patients inform us that they can’t afford the cost of care, we work hard to minimize the financial impact. However, if patients choose not to discuss their financial status, set up payment plans, actively pursue state or federal funding, or apply for the program, we respect their decision.

Program Eligibility:

Acceptance into a program is not guaranteed and is largely based on verified annual household income and family size. The income standards used in our programs are in accordance with the expanded federal poverty guidelines established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services specifically for the state of Alaska. Applications will be reviewed for final determination only after all possible payment resources have been considered.

Income Verification:

While we strive to make this process as simple as possible, it is critical that annual income be verified to ensure that the correct amount of assistance is applied. Financial Assistance applications are valid for one year, although each individual medical visit may require reverification of income. Please submit your application and the following supporting documents to the Patient Financial Services/ Business Office:

-Copy of previous year’s official federal income tax return for each adult living in the home.

-Additional income verification, if requested, for each adult living in the home. This may include three months of income information, such as pay stubs or banking statements (checking and/or saving accounts). If you were not required to file federal tax returns, then bank statements and proof of income from other sources (for example, Social Security, worker’s compensation, public assistance, retirement, unemployment benefits, child support) will be required.

FMH is committed to protecting your privacy. Your federal tax return and financial information won’t be released to any third-party agency without your consent in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards.

Helping As Many As We Can
Our financial assistance is not without limitations. We may periodically adjust our assistance scales relative to our health care facility’s financial position. Your signature on the Financial Assistance application certifies that you have provided information that it is true and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Special Considerations:

We understand that unique circumstances arise in each family’s financial situation. That’s why it’s so important for patients to discuss their financial concerns with a FMH financial counselor. If you have any questions, feel that you have extenuating circumstances or believe that you may qualify for assistance, please make an appointment with a financial counselor.

To speak with your financial counselor regarding assistance or to make an appointment to talk in person, please call according to your last name:

  • A through K: (907) 458-5534
    L through Z: (907) 458-5539

Other Billing Services

Some tests, services or treatments require service from a physician who is not an employee of Foundation Health Partners. Such a physician will bill you separately for services rendered. In some cases, you may not actually receive direct care from the physician that provides a service. Examples of these physicians include pathologists, radiologists, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and other specialists who submit separate bills. If you have any questions regarding billing statements from any of these providers, please contact the respective billing department.

Golden Heart Emergency Physicians (1- 877)346-2455

  • You will receive a bill for emergency and/or medically necessary services.

Northern Hospital Associates (866) 952-2255 

  • You will receive a bill from the Hospitalists for inpatient care services. Billing services name is ABA Co. Healthcare

Radiology Consultants, Inc.  1-800-318-5578 (Toll Free) 

  • You will receive a bill from a Radiologist for interpreting any imaging services. Billing services name is PC Inc.

Billing for Anesthesiologists (907) 451-8761 

  • You will receive a bill from an anesthesiologist for any anesthesia services. Billing services name is Anesthesia Billing

Pathology Consultants, Inc. (907) 456-7767

  • Tissue samples taken during a procedure and/or at the request of your provider will be examined by a Pathologist and you will receive a bill from Global Billing Solutions.

If you have any questions regarding your billing statement, please contact:

FMH Business Office
(907) 458-5510
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

TVC Business Office
(907) 459-3580

PHVC Office
(907) 458-6450
Monday - Friday:
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Denali Center
(907) 458-5100
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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