Talent Development

Just as the clinical rotation experience is crucial to the budding clinician, engaging students is equally important to the health care workforce needs of Foundation Health Partners and our community.  

For those who are deciding on which health care career they want to pursue, we host career exploration activities, career fairs for our local students, and community members, and we partner with the local high school HOSA Future Health Professionals clubs.

We support students from a variety of schools to include allied health, laboratory sciences and medical students: 

  • Medical Assistants 
  • Midwifery 
  • Nursing All levels CNA-APRN 
  • Paramedicine 
  • Pharmacy  
  • Physician Assistant  
  • Radiology Services 
  • Additional rotations available on inquiry 

Advanced Practice Providers

Advanced Practice Providers are one of the fastest growing areas in medicine. Students in Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant programs require 500-2000 hours across various departments. In order to best meet this demand and provide a quality experience for all parties, Foundation Health Partners has implemented a structured application cycle.  

Rotations are planned by start date. If a rotation falls over more than one rotation, select the earlier rotation.

If the rotation Starts Between:  
January 1 - April 30Application deadline October 1
May 1 - July 31Application deadline February 1
August 1 - December 31Application deadline May 1

Students who are on rotation with non-staff providers who will be practicing in any Foundation Health Partners facility will need to complete all student paperwork for confidentiality and compliance. This process can take up to 60 days.

Allied Health

Allied health careers represent approximately 60% of all health care providers, and covers 80 different professions. Allied Health falls into two broad categories: assistants/ technicians and therapist/ technologists.  

FHP is proud to support those students examining careers in Allied Health fields and offers several training programs, apprenticeships, fellowships, and paid training opportunities to help meet the needs of our communities.

Nursing and Paramedicine

FHP partners with UAA School of Nursing, Alaska Pacific University, and Nightingale to support the Fairbanks nursing student cohort. Student will complete clinicals at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for first and second year, as well as their 120 hour clinical practicum.  

UAF CTC Paramedic Program clinical rotations at FHP introduce students to a wide verity of clinical areas, including Emergency Department, OR, ICU, Pediatrics and Respiratory Therapy. 

Paramedic students rotations run September - April.

Shadowing Opportunities

High School Students are encouraged to apply for our Summer High School Internship Program (SHIP).  

Applications for SHIP open Feb/March for sessions starting end of May- August.  

Onboarding Process

Onboarding is required of all persons working or learning in any FHP facility. It involves many different pieces to include a state background check, immunizations, policies and procedures.

Students who are on rotation with non-staff providers who will be practicing in any FHP facility will need to complete all student paperwork for confidentiality and compliance. 

This process can take up to 60 days.

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