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Foundation Health Partners (FHP) welcomes the opportunity to work with the media. FHP values dissemination of consistent, accurate information.  We recognize the media function as an important communication link within our community.

FHP has a variety of specialists who can speak on trending medical topics and procedures in the Interior. If you would like to interview one of our physicians or specialists, contact our communications team at 907-458-5322 or send an email. A member will assist in coordinating the arrangements.

Federal and state law restrict access to patient information without the patient’s consent.  FHP follows the below guidelines in sharing limited patient information.

Patient Privacy
Media requests are processed in accordance with our patients’ right to confidentiality. Information released to the media will be to the extent permitted by state and federal laws, including the privacy regulations issued under FHP’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies and the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  A patient’s or employee’s individual wishes for privacy or to participate in media coverage are foremost in this policy.

If consented to by the patient, the following information will be released from the facility directory to the public, including news media:

  • Name (information can be confirmed only to those who ask about the patient by name)
  • Condition (using terms defined below)
  • Location within the hospital (providers are permitted, but not required to release)

The following definitions will be used for patient conditions:

  • Undetermined:  Patient is awaiting assessment.
  • Good:  Vital signs (such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure) are stable and within normal limits.  Patient is conscious and comfortable. The outlook for recovery is good or excellent.
  • Fair:  Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable or may have minor complications. Outlook is favorable.
  • Serious:  Vital signs may be unstable or not within normal limits.  Patient is acutely ill and may be unconscious. Outlook is questionable.
  • Critical:  Vital signs are unstable or not within normal limits. There are major complications. Patient may be unconscious. Outlook is unfavorable.
  • Deceased:  Confirmation will be withheld until the next of kin has been notified or after a reasonable time has passed. A hospital may not disclose information regarding the date, time or cause of death.   Information regarding cause of death comes from the medical examiner in most cases.
  • Treated and released or transferred:  The hospital spokesperson may indicate that a patient has been treated and released or treated and transferred. A hospital may not disclose information regarding the date, time or facility transferred to.

Patients have the right to opt out of release of information. In these circumstances, no condition report will be given, not even confirmation that the patient is in a FHP facility. In addition, no condition report will be given when children are in custody of the state’s Office of Children’s Services.

Media guidelines
All requests involving FHP entities, facilities or personnel from an external media source must be approved by the communication department, regardless of whether a patient is involved in the activity.

To maintain a patient's right to privacy and confidentiality, which is our primary responsibility, FHP requires all representatives of the media to coordinate interview and photography requests in advance by contacting our communications department. After the request is received, a member of the team will be in contact promptly to coordinate the arrangements, if the interview is possible.

All media will be escorted by a representative from the communications department at all times when on FHP property. Unescorted media will be reported to Security.

No photos or video of patients may be taken without a communications team staff member first securing written permission from the patient. This includes b-roll footage from outside the hospital, as patients can sometimes be seen entering and exiting the hospital.

All participants approached regarding interviews, photography or recording have the right to decline, including FHP employees, physicians, and volunteers.

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