COVID-19 Business Toolkit


FHP and Fairbanks Public Health partnered to create several community resources to answer questions about testing, remind you to take care of yourself, relieve stress with coloring pages and more. 

Community Resources

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keep your business safe & healthy

We all want a strong and safe Fairbanks. With the spread of COVID-19, we need to do more than ever to ensure we have it.

As a business providing services during this crisis, you have a power to influence the future of Fairbanks. Join us in helping keep your employees, your customers, and your community healthy.

COVID-19 is a new disease with evolving circumstances. Guidance is ever changing. Check back here often for new information and view additional Spread the Word_ak-blueresources for your business on the CDC and DHSS websites.

We ask your help in promoting five key public health strategies we can all do to keep Fairbanks healthy:

  • Stay Home
  • Social Distancing
  • Hand & Face Hygiene
  • Masking
  • Call the FHP COVID-19 Hotline

Thank you for your service and commitment to our community!

Business Toolkit

Tools to keep customers and employees healthy
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Partner with FHP

We want to partner with you in keeping Fairbanks healthy. 

COVID TESTING: If you are a business owner and would like to setup a commercial account or organize a high volume of testing for your employees please email Joan Sonnenburg, Sr. Operations Director at or call her office extension at 458-5662

COVID CONSCIOUS: If your business would like more information or to partner with a physician to learn more ways to keep your business safe, please email a request to

Keep Your Team Safe & Healthy

There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is in COVID. We must each do our part to keep ourselves, our teams and our community safe.

Check out our Sports Toolkit to get you started! Keep your team safe on and off the field (court, rink or mat) with best practices. Share with your team and community what you are doing using our fillable forms.

Check out the CDC's most recent recommendations for youth sports here.

Sports Toolkit

  COVID Safety & Youth Sports
Recommendations for a safe sport season
  Kick COVID Out - Fillable Form
Fillable form for coaches to share info
  No I In Team Sign
Sign for practices and games on best practices to stop the spread
  Pass the Ball - Not the Virus
Quick reference sheet for athletes on staying safe during practice and games
  Protecting Our Athletes - Fillable
Fillable form for coaches to send to parents/guardians on how they are keeping athletes safe
  Stay Safe - Social Distance
Fun ways to remember how far 6 feet of distance is
  We are #1 - Fillable Form
Use this form as a letter or sign for what your team is doing to stop the spread. CDC language available in the form to get you started.

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