Support our Staff

Community Caring for our Community

Our staff is tired, yet they work tirelessly. These are hard times so they are working harder. They appreciate your support just like you appreciate theirs when you need them.

Thank you, to our community for your support of our front-line health care workers for the past 18 months. As we face this current spike of Covid-19-related hospitalizations and visits to our facilities, YOU have asked how you can help. Please consider a financial gift to the Support Our Staff fund. This is the best and safest way for us to share the acts of kindness from the community directly to front-line staff.

Your support will provide coffee, meals, comfort and care items to the hundreds of your friends and neighbors in nursing, environmental services, lab, respiratory therapy, Emergency Department, pharmacy, Denali Center, and 1st Care at a time when they could use a reminder that they are appreciated and valued. Together, we are a community caring for our community.

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