Safe Rider Program

Welcome to the Fairbanks Safe Rider Program

As part of the Safe Kids Fairbanks, and in an effort to reduce highway related injuries and death to our community, we provide injury prevention education for car seats, booster seats and motor vehicle safety.  

The goal of the Safe Kids Worldwide is to help prevent injuries and death to children traveling in cars. With the help of FMH, the Safe Kids Fairbanks is working to increase the number of properly installed car seats. 

Which car seat , when? Alaska Law requires:

Rear Facing 
Birth to 12 months old and less than 20 pounds
While this is the Alaska low requirement, we support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to leave children rear-facing until they reach the upper weight and height limit of their car seat.

Forward Facing

1-4 years old and more than 20 pounds

Booster Seat 
4-8 years old or under 4'9" or less than 65 pounds

Seat Belt
8+ years old if child fits in a seat belt properly
Lap belt across upper thighs, not stomach and shoulder belt across shoulder and chest, not neck and face. 

All children under age 13 should be secured in the back seat.

Car seat tips

  • Your baby must be in direct contact with the padding of the car seat. No additional padding, lining, or inserts are necessary.
  • For an extra layer of warmth, use a car seat cover rather than a snowsuit.

    Only close the fabric flap when carrying the baby to/from the car and doorway. Always open the car seat cover while in the car and inside of buildings to avoid a suffocation risk.

  • Do not dress your baby in bulky, oversized clothing. This extra bulk keeps the harness from fitting snugly. 
  • Provide proper head support by using a rolled receiving blanket beside your baby's head, never over or around your baby's head.
  • The harness strap must be at or below the shoulder to provide protection.
  • The harness must be snug! Make sure it passes the Pinch Test.

    Check harness tightness by pinching the harness at the shoulder and over the collarbone. You should not be able to pinch the harness strap between your fingers.

  • The harness retainer clip must be at armpit level.

If you would like to schedule a fitting or safety check or you have questions regarding car seats, booster seats, seat belts, airbags, Alaska State Laws, please call our hotline: 907-458-7233 (SAFE) or via email.

1650 Cowles Street


Safety Hotline
Call (907) 458-7233
Text (907) 978-6928 

By Appointment:
Tuesdays, Thursdays
10:00a - 2:00p

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