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About Telemedicine

Tanana Valley Clinic implemented broad reaching telemedicine capabilities in March 2020, as part of a large strategy to meet the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our goal; to serve the most people in the largest capacity with the health and wellness of the community in mind.

Telemedicine specifically refers to providing remote clinical services using audiovisual technology. Telemedicine offers a convenient solution to maintaining wellbeing when factors of life and work can hinder preventative care for many. Patients can be seen by a provider from their home or office if they are sick or unable to physically go to the appointment. 

How it Works

Our patient centered telemedicine service is a HIPAA compliant resource provided virtually via OTTO Health which is integrated with TVC’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Phreesia, the registration software. 

Virtual visits allow the provider to see and virtually examine a patient from the comfort of their own home. The process is streamlined with FHP Registration, who assists patients with scheduling a virtual visit for a time that is convenient for them. Once scheduled, the patient receives a pre-registration link via text message and/or e-mail. No app download is required. Pre-registration allows the patient to complete their registration up to 3 days prior to their appointment. Completing the pre-registration, expedites the check in at the time of the visit. A final link is sent via text and/or e-mail at the check in time which is 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.  

The providers are part of a team that has delivered care to the Interior for years. A patient’s medical record can be accessed if the patient has been seen within the FHP system, offering ongoing, successful care. This can become invaluable for a more targeted treatment based on the patient’s history, for example, not overusing antibiotics when sick. 

Services Available

Telemedicine is available through multiple service lines. You must call the specific service line to schedule a telemedicine appointment.  

     Service Line
       Call to Schedule Telemedicine Appointment
     1st Care     (907) 458-2682
     Addiction Medicine     (907) 458-2634
     Behavioral Health     Referral Only
     Endocrinology     (907) 458-2676
     Family Medicine     (907) 459-3511
     General Surgery     (907) 458-2652
     Internal Medicine     (907) 459-3570
     Pediatrics     (907) 459-3520

Look for this icon on the departments offering telemedicine services.

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