A vasectomy is a small procedure, but a large decision.

If having children, or having more children is not in your future, a vasectomy is something to consider. Vasectomies are more effective than other forms of birth control, and can eliminate the stress or hormone struggles of your partner. 

Board-certified in urology, Dr. Joe Wiser and his team offer specialized, personal, and sensible care. 

Answers to Common Questions

Before you actually have a vasectomy, you should think about it carefully. A vasectomy is designed to be permanent. 

How is the Procedure performed? 
The physician normally gives an injection of local anesthetic into the skin of the scrotum and along the vas deferens on each side to numb the area. The doctor makes a small opening, exposes each vas deferens, cuts out a small portion of the tube and sews a layer of tissue between the ends to prevent re-growth. You may feel a pulling sensation in the lower abdomen during the procedure, but the pain is typically minimal. A vasectomy takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Are there men who should not have a vasectomy? 
Men who believe they might want children in the future; men who only feel masculine when they are able to cause pregnancy; men (or their partners) who change their minds often are all good examples. Young men (<26 years old) who have not yet fathered children are encouraged to consider non-permanent contraception.

When can I go back to work? 
Every patient is advised to rest for 48-72 hours. You should avoid heavy lifting or other strenuous activity for at least 1 week, but your post-operative course may require a longer recovery. 

When can I resume normal activity? 
You should wait at least 10 days (preferably 14 days) until healing has taken place. When you resume having sex, you must use another form of birth control until a semen analysis confirms that no sperm are present. 

When is the vasectomy effective?
It is effective when your semen has been examined and it is determined that no sperm are present. You are still fertile until the semen analysis shows no sperm.

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