Cancer Care Clinical Provider

The J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center has developed a new health care provider position, a Cancer Care Clinical Provider to meet the needs of our cancer community. This provider is available to consolidate and expedite all the staging, prepping and testing needed to design the appropriate path of a patient’s cancer journey, facilitate communication among the care team, to ensure the transition between care steps is seamless, and to support the patient’s survivorship needs.

Our Services


The Cancer Care Clinical Provider is available to assist in high risk screening, diagnostics, and cancer staging in adult or geriatric patients. The CCCP will determine the appropriate path of care, whether that starts with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

An initial visit could include: 

  • Reviewing the cancer diagnosis and treatment and conducting a physical exam
  • Ordering appropriate diagnostic testing
  • Creating a personalized care plan to provide the exact care needed
  • Referrals to outside experts and resources
  • Referrals to community resources and support groups
  • Identifying and creating management strategies to help cope with physical, emotional, and social effects of cancer and cancer treatment


The Cancer Care Clinical Provider typically sees patients every 6 to 12 months after active treatment is completed, though this may vary depending on the type of cancer therapy and individual health risks involved.

Interdisciplinary Outpatient Palliative Support Services

The Cancer Care Clinical Provider is available to assist the oncology and primary care teams with difficult discussions surrounding the transition to palliative treatment and end of life care.

Our Coordination

Primary care providers (PCPs) It will still be important for you to see your primary care provider for regular visits. A progress report is sent to your PCP after every visit with the CCCP. Our team of experts will always be available to you and your provider should any issues or questions arise.

Specialist oncology providers The Cancer Care Clinical Provider will direct referrals to specialty oncology providers as appropriate. 

Navigation Program The Cancer Care Clinical Provider assists the Navigation Team to ensure seamless transitions throughout the cancer journey.

Our Network

The Cancer Care Clinical Provider oversees and coordinates the other members of JMCCC’s Navigation and Survivorship Program:  

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • RN Clinical Trials
  • RN Patient Navigator
  • Patient Navigator

Together, this team provides a robust network of Cancer Care Support Services, fully devoted to all of your survivorship needs.

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