Community Focused

Since the very beginning, “community focused” has been a core component of our mission.

Commitment To Facilities. The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation (GFCHF) was formed in 1968 to plan, fund, construct and find an operator for a Fairbanks community hospital. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (FMH) opened its doors in 1972, and has been expanded several times since then. The GFCHF purchased the Carriage North skilled nursing home in 1982, renamed the Denali Center (DC) when the facility was replaced in 1994. GFCHF purchased the Medical Dental Arts building in 1997, renamed the William H. Doolittle building in 2018. GFCHF purchased the Tanana Valley Clinic (TVC) in 2008 to ensure continued access to primary care in Fairbanks when many of the clinic’s original physician partners were beginning to consider retirement. GFCHF has also invested in opening other important facilities, such as the sleep disorders center, cancer treatment center, imaging and breast center, and heart and vascular center, in order to address gaps in the community care system.

Commitment To People. Foundation Health Partners (FHP) is the largest private employer in the Interior. The organization employs over 1,500 individuals, offers competitive salaries and generous benefits.

Commitment To Care. GFCHF and FHP are committed to treating the needs of everyone who comes through our doors. To help meet the needs of community members who are uninsured or underinsured, we have a financial aid policy that provides free or subsidized care to patients depending on household income. FHP also has a policy of developing payment plans for non-low income patients who need the ability to spread payments out over a longer period of time. As a nonprofit organization, FHP annually reinvests over $15 million in revenues to ensure patient care access (for example, covering the unfunded portion of government sponsored medical care, and providing free and discounted care for patients in need), community wellness activities, and education programs. In addition to this amount, FHP also reinvests to provide some clinical and social services despite financial losses because the services meet an identified need that is not met elsewhere in the community.

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