Network of Care

A seamless care network.

In life, especially when it comes to health, there are no guarantees. Things can change day-to-day and having a support system, as well as health care system you can rely on, makes overcoming each hurdle a bit easier. When you or a loved one needs care, or are simply progressing through the natural aging process, the ability to access a continuum of health care takes on a greater importance.

Foundation Health Partners is a comprehensive, integrated health care system that can provide seamless transitions as your needs change.

  1. Tanana Valley Clinic provides a wide range of first care, primary care and specialty care services.
  2. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital offers quality emergency and hospital acute care when you need it most.
  3. Denali Center provides short- and long-term skilled nursing care for those patients who require assistance with activities of daily living.

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