Denali Center

Opened in 1994, Denali Center is a 90-bed comprehensive short- and long-term care facility located next to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, and accessed through a corridor connecting the two.

Following the Eden Alternative,  Denali Center has a neighborhood-like architectural style and layout. We have beautiful plants, visiting pets and laughter. We encourage generations to talk and get to know one another in our comfortable, homelike atmosphere.

Our highly skilled and compassionate staff strive to meet residents’ needs while respecting their privacy and individualism. Denali Center also gives residents access to daily activities, visits from friends and family, a place to worship and on-site shopping options. 

For more information or to inquire about care services at Denali Center, please contact us:

Denali Center, 1510 19th Ave., Fairbanks, AK
Phone:   (907) 458-5100
Fax:       (907) 458-5150

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