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The Eden Alternative - A neighborhood approach to long-term care

Loneliness, helplessness and boredom are the three most common problems long-term care residents face. At Denali Center, we combat those feelings by subscribing to a care model known as the Eden Alternative.

Adopted by thousands of long-term care facilities internationally, the Eden Alternative is a revolutionary approach to long-term care that focuses on creating an environment conducive to health and happiness.

Following the Eden Alternative principles and to further promote a homelike atmosphere, Denali Center has a neighborhood-like design and layout. The facility’s four patient wings – Aspen Way, Birch Lane, Tamarack Trail and Willow Run – resemble individual neighborhoods with staff assigned to each. Birch Lane and Tamarack Trail provide general long-term care while Aspen Way serves as the short-term care unit and Willow Run cares for patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 

Taking on characteristics found in most neighborhoods across the country, Denali Center incorporates unique architectural style, plants, animals and multi-generational interaction to bring a true sense of community to those who call it home.

A Place of Respect

Denali Center is a place where Native Alaska culture is respected, practiced and preserved, with a gallery of Native arts and crafts and a true sense of community and mutual respect permeating throughout the facility.

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