About Tamarack Trail

elderly woman on bench.jpgTamarack Trail is one of Denali Center’s two long-term care neighborhoods providing a range of services and supports to help you meet your personal care needs.  Care programs and services on Tamarack are led by an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals including, but not limited to, primary care physicians, rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists, dietitians, case managers and clinical care coordinators.  Services provided may include assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating; assistance with everyday tasks, such as managing money, taking medication, shopping for clothes; and assistance with pain management and other clinical conditions. 

On Tamarack, we practice the Eden Alternative domains of well-being.  “Well-being is a much larger idea than either quality of life or customer satisfaction. It is based on a holistic understanding of human needs and capacities. Well-being is elusive, highly subjective, and the most valuable of all human possessions.” Dr. William Thomas, What Are Old People For?  

The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being
1. IDENTITY – being well-known; having personhood; individuality; wholeness; having a history
2. GROWTH – development; enrichment; unfolding; expanding; evolving
3. AUTONOMY – liberty; self-governance; self-determination; immunity from the arbitrary exercise of authority; choice; freedom
4. SECURITY – freedom from doubt, anxiety, or fear; safe, certain, assured; having privacy, dignity, and respect.
5. CONNECTEDNESS – state of being connected; alive; belonging; engaged; involved; not detached; connected to the past, present and future; connected to personal possessions; connected to place; connected to nature.
6. MEANING – significance; heart; hope; import; value; purpose; reflection; sacred
7. JOY – happiness; pleasure; delight; contentment; enjoyment


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