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Willow Run

About Willow Run


At Willow Run located in the Denali Center, our environment is structured to provide safety, security and comfort, and is designed to help each resident maintain independence.

Our unit's physical appearance is directed toward the sense of touch with textures and a subdued color scheme to help promote safety, familiarity and relaxation. Our residents are monitored closely by staff to make sure they do not become lost or injure themselves.

Daily therapeutic activity is important to help residents remain active and involved. Therapeutic opportunities include music, pet visits, community activities, religious and cultural events, children's visits, beauty shop and nail care, exercise and sensory stimulation, special meals, holiday celebrations, walking, wheeling, and gardening.

The Willow Run commitment to family members includes:

  • -Active listening from each staff member
  • -Staff respect and empathy for the sense of loss that family members may experience
  • -Encouragement for family members to voice concerns and suggestions regarding resident care
  • -Providing opportunities for participation in resident care conferences
  • -Communicating the schedule and agenda of family council meetings
  • -Inviting the family to enhance resident care by sharing social history and past care experiences
  • -Providing referrals to counselors or support groups
  • -Allowing family to participate in social events and activities
  • -Promoting partnership between family and staff to facilitate coping, mutual problem solving and resident care

Alzheimer's Disease Bill of Rights

Every person diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder deserves:

  • -To be informed of his or her diagnosis
  • -To have appropriate ongoing medical care
  • -To be productive in work and play for as long as possible
  • -To be treated like an adult
  • -To have expressed feelings taken seriously
  • -To be free from psychotropic medications if possible
  • -To live in a safe, structured and predictable environment
  • -To enjoy meaningful activities to fill each day
  • -To be outdoors on a regular basis
  • -To have physical contact, including hugging, caressing and hand holding
  • -To be with people who know his or her life story, including cultural and religious traditions
  • -To be cared for by individuals with specialized training in dementia care

The Willow Run Special Care Unit is committed to honoring these rights and providing optimum care for our residents.

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