Cancer Care Support Services

Here at the J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center and Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, we are dedicated to helping you fight cancer and promote your health on all levels. 

We know how essential support services are in helping cancer patients, their caregivers, and their families cope with the disease. We know that treatment is a journey.

We are proud to offer supportive services, from complementary patient navigation to scientific clinical trials, and everything in between. Our comprehensive suite of support ensures that you and your family receive personalized care at every level of your cancer journey.

Community Services

Our cancer program is proud to partner with community services such as the American Cancer Society and Circle of Hope in order to provide local support and resources to the patients, caregivers, and their families of the Interior Alaska.

Why go anywhere else?

Traveling to Anchorage or out of state does not need to be an additional burden to you or your family. Cancer treatment anywhere but here often means the additional costs of travel and housing, lost funds from time away from work, and a lack of a support network found in family and friends.

When you seek care at JMCCC, a multidisciplinary team of experts work together to ensure you are provided with the most comprehensive and responsive cancer care available. The Cancer Conference meets weekly for cancer care decision making across all the modalities. This means your unique cancer case is comprehensively reviewed by a team of specialists, ultimately empowering you with individualized treatment options.

We offer Patient Navigation services to support you and your caregivers through your cancer journey. Our team of professional advocates provide guidance through your treatment and ease the barriers of navigating the complex health care system so you can focus on your healing. Our goal is to empower you and be respectful of the decisions you make for your quality of life.

JMCCC accepts all insurances. If your carrier offers you a choice, choose to stay local and receive the very best in cancer treatment.

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